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Gain all of the information you need to select the right tools for the job by reading through our extensive catalogues. Each catalogue can be downloaded instantly, providing in-depth insights into the features and functionality of each tool, part, accessory or piece of machinery we have in stock. You will find detailed descriptions, specifications and product images included in each catalogue to help you make the right decision on the best tools to purchase for your needs.

For a full list of tools as well as terms of sale and freight information for all products we stock and supply at ITM, please see our all-in-one ITM catalogue. If you prefer to find more details on the tools available under a particular brand, all of the latest catalogues from the major brands we stock can also be found below.


  • ITM Catalogue

    ITM Catalogue 2016
    - Magnetic Base Drilling
    - Cutting Tools
    - Clamps
    - Engineer's Tools
  • ITM Consumer Catalogue

    ITM Consumer Catalogue
    - Magnetic Base Drilling
    - Cutting Tools
    - Clamps
    - Engineer's Tools
  • Bevelling Machines &
    Welding Carriages
    Bevelling Machines and Welding Carriages
    - Bevelling Machines
    - Welding Carriages

  • Holemaker Catalogue

    Holemaker Catalogue 2020
    - Magnetic Base Drilling
    - Cutting Tools
    - Accessories

  • Compressor & Generator Catalogue

    Compressor & Generator Catalogue 2020
    - Compressors
    - Generators

  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool
    Sharpeners Catalogue
    Worksharp Catalogue 2016
    - Electric Knife and Tool Sharpeners
    - Guided Field Sharpener
    - Guided Sharpening System
  • Sharpening Machine
    Sharpen Your Drill Bits 2018
    - Drill Doctor
    - Darex

  • Trademaster Workshop Storage Equipment Catalogue
    Trademaster Workshop Storage Equipment Catalogue 2013
    - Parts Bins
    - Parts Cabinets
    - Workshop Shelving

  • M7 Catalogue

    M7 Catalogue 2016
    - Pneumatic Air Tools

  • Groz Catalogue

    Groz Catalogue 2013
    - Measuring Tools
    - Engineers Tools
    - Machine Tooling

  • Ehoma & Clamptek Clamp
    Ehoma & Clamptek Clamp Catalogue 2011
    - Welding Clamps
    - Toggle Clamps

  • Blu-Mol Catalogue

    Blu-Mol Catalogue 2015
    - Hole Saws
    - Reciprocating Saw Blades
    - Hack Saw Blades
    - Jig Saw Blades
  • NPK Air Tools Catalogue

    NPK Air Tools Catalogue 2021
    - NPK Pneumatic Air Tools